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ECCO Spring/Summer 2016 

Grounded in the Scandinavian design tradition, ECCO’s vision has always been one of a simpler lifestyle inspired by nature and traditional craftsmanship. For Spring/Summer 2016, ECCO looks into the future, fusing its Scandinavian heritage with tribal and urban elements for a balanced take on modern living. There are three dominant themes in ECCO’s 2016 collection;

NATURAL IMPERFECTION – It is time to embrace imperfection and natural beauty. Time to value the qualities of un-retouched reality and authenticity, reflected in colours and materials. 2016 is the year of rustic designs, crafted with an eye for detail and sense of honesty, humility, and wonderment at these incredible materials.

BOHEMIAN SARTORIALIST – ECCO’s theme of Nomadism continues in 2016. A fast paced world we may live in, but it’s a world with a burgeoning fashion and art scene across Africa and the colourful Arabian culture, a world of expressive, electric patterns, varied textures and rich structures, all coming together into unexpected compositions.

BIOMIMICRY – We imitate nature because it will be our saving grace and we apply technology inspired by the nature of plants, insects, fish and animals into our designs. We want designs that are engineered in both form and function, and that seamlessly adapt to our lifestyle.


The new ECCO Intrinsic sneaker is anything but mainstream. Designed to adapt to your attitude and lifestyle, combines good looks and practicality, anatomically designed, and built to last. This is the sneaker of 2016, bar none, so accept no substitutes.

Our SOFT 7 collection

In the midst of retrospective references and futuristic ideas, we find ECCO SOFT 7. A new interpretation of enduring ECCO classics, this series captures the essence of urban life. With its black and white contrasts, preppy-clean yet sporty street look and conscious ideals, it represents in fashion history. The style identifies true global citizens, displaying common aesthetics, principles and values that transcend borders. A combination of SOFT 7 leather sneakers and tracksuit-inspired jackets endorses the cool, laid-back urban vibe.

The sneaker trend has never been bigger, and ECCO SOFT 7 takes on the category with the perfect mix of function and style. The ECCO SOFT 7 comes in multiple urban remixes of black and white, with thick white soles as the mainstay. As the name suggests, the shoes feature super-soft leathers and flexible soles – and pair strikingly well with just about all your casual looks.


Recent Products

The world famous Danish shoe manufacturer, in April 2013, celebrated its 50th Anniversary and while ECCO pays tribute to five decades of innovative shoemaking, the company also turns to its Scandinavian heritage in order to meet the demands of tomorrow

There is a saying that the future comes one day at a time. Reality is that footwear has become an industry on the move and ECCO, the world’s second largest manufacturer of casual footwear, is turning to its heritage to stay ahead of competition.

ECCO was founded in 1963 and more than 350 million pairs of ECCO shoes have since then left their mark around the world. Shoes anchored in a heritage of functionality, quality and craftsmanship on the platform of Scandinavian design. Each pair of ECCO shoes are touched by 210 pairs of hands before they reach the consumer; 20,000 employees taking pride in being quality shoemakers.